ESIM-FLR2 Land rig installation simulation training system

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Land rig installation simulation training system combines the technologies of petroleum engineering, computer technology and virtual reality. This system mainly contains the 5 parts such as animation demonstration of rig installation; training on lifting and lowering derrick and pedestal; rig virtual assembly; rig simulation operation and electronic graphics. It provides trainings on installation process of land rig and the key points, lifting and lowering process of rig derrick and pedestal, rig tripping in and out, drilling, top drive operation, rig structure, inner structure of important devices, etc.

System Features

HD animation presenting procedure of rig installation

Rig model real time interaction, 3D animation demonstration

Detailed electronic graphics displaying rig structure

Simulating real rig, same operation as real equipment

3D animation simulating real visual environment


Operation voltage: 220V/ 50Hz AC

Power consumption: < 6000 Watt

Operating temperature: 0-30 degrees Celsius

Display resolution: 1920*960

Average time between malfunction: 5000 hours

Training Items

1. Rig installing whole process training operation

2. Rig installing virtual assembly operation

3. Rig equipment structure training operation

4. Raising and lowering operation

(1)Derrick raising operation
(2)Pedestal raising operation
(3)Pedestal lowering operation
(4)Derrick lowering operation

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