ESIM-FWS3 Downhole Operation Simulation Training System

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ESIM-FWS3 downhole operating simulating training system simulates real field devices, which means layout of controlling panel, method of operating, way of parameter display are almost identical with operation site. Through synchronous 3D projection and lifelike environment sound, the systems produce visual effects which are very similar to real sites, and makes up immersive training environment. The system is based on advanced computer controlling, simulating, graphic and network technology combining with strict simulation of real drilling engineering process, which provides 6 categories, 35 training exercise in total, such as well killing, shutting in, etc. It is mainly used for operating training for technical staff working underground at oil fields.

System Features

Full-size, real environment simulation

Specific and comprehensive training contents, flexible project configuration

Real 3D, interactive animation

Intelligent scoring, fair and equitable assessing

Lifelike environment sound and alarm

Powerful software functions, friendly interface, easy to learn and use

Real-time voice prompts

Industrial-grade PLC controlling, high stability and reliability

Strict mathematical simulation, corresponding to real technical demands


Operation voltage: 220V 50Hz AC

Display resolution: 1920*1080

Power consumption: < 4000 Watt

Storage temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Average time between malfunction: 5000 hours

Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Area: 40 square meters

Training Items

 (1) Primary workers operation

1)  Running tubing
2)  Sand washing
3)  Lead-mode printing

 (2) Intermediate workers operation

1)  Eccentric roller reshaping
2) Releasing spear
3) Slider spear operation

(3) Senior workers operation

1) Scraping before perforation
2) TCP perforation
3)  Scraping after perforation
(4) Shutting in operation

 With drilling platform
1) Rotation operation
2) Tripping operation
3) Tripping large diameter tool
4)  Barren hole
5)  Wireline perforation

 Without drilling platform
1)  Drilling cement plug operation
2)  Tripping operation
3)  Tripping large diameter tool
4)  Barren hole
5)  Wireline perforation
6)  Disassembling Christmas tree shutting in
7)  Disassembling and change BOP shutting in
8)  Swabbing the well in shutting in

(5) Well killing

1)  Driller’s method
2)  Reverse circulation driller’s method
3)  Engineer’s method
4)  Reverse circulation engineer’s method

(6) Animation display

1)  Disassembling Christmas tree— install standpipe BOP
2)  Swabbing the well in
3)  Reverse circular well killing
4)  Packer layer transferring: cementing plug
5)  Packer layer transferring: bridging the hole
6)  Lower gauge pressure testing
7)  Fracturing sand control
8)  Screw drill
9)  TCP-DST combination test



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