ESIM-FWT2 Full Size Production Well Testing Simulation Training System

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This product is developed with Daqing oil field well logging company. It fills in the blank of well logging simulating technology in the world. The system uses advanced computer controlling, simulation, multimedia, network, and database technology, achieving online test about well logging theoretical knowledge, multimedia 3D teaching demonstration, and well logging processing training in one device. In the meantime it provides functions that manage basic information about trainee and their scores. The system is used for theoretical knowledge learning and operating training for engineering and technical staff working in oil fields.

System Features

Actual 3D interactive animation

Lifelike environment noises and voice prompt

Strict mathematical models, conforming to real technology demands

Systematic and complete training content, flexible project configuration

Intelligent scoring, fair assessment

Advanced software, friendly interface

Industrial PLC control with high stability


Operation voltage: 220V 50Hz AC

Power consumption: < 4000 Watt

Storage temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Display resolution: 1920*960

Average time between malfunction: 5000 hours

Area: 40 square meters

Training Items

1. Wellhead workers operatiion training

(1)Tubing injecting operation with test valve at wellhead
(2)Tubing injecting operation without test valve at wellhead
(3)Casing injecting operation with test valve at wellhead
(4)Casing injecting operation without test valve at wellhead
(5)Pumping operation with test valve at wellhead
(6)Pumping operation without test valve at wellhead

2. Drawworks worker operation training

(1)Normal dropping
(2)Normal rising
(3)Dropping with obstacle
(4)Rising with obstacle

3. Operator operating training

(1)Five-parameter synthesis logging
(2)Electromagnetic flow logging
(3)Oxygen activation logging
(4)Impedance logging
(5)Audio logging
(6)Caliper logging
(7)Single magnetic orientation logging
(8)Former magnetic orientation logging
(9)Acoustic wave logging




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