Esimtech Simulation Video

ESIM-FDS11 Drilling Simulation Training System

ESIM-FDS11 drilling simulation training system simulates the real equipment on real production site, including all the hardware system, various panel layout, operation methods and parameter displaying. Through a display screen, the 3D animation is presented in accordance with the working condition, and the sound effect that simulates the real rig floor, which makes the students feel personally on the scene.

ESIM-FCT1L Coiled Tubing Simulation Training System

Coiled tubing simulation training system is designed according to the international general equipment, equipped with a set of operation consoles, and displaying operation scene through 3D animation. This system provides trainings on well logging, stimulation, workover, drilling and accident handling. It consists of operation console, 3D animation display system, parameter auxiliary console and instructor station. The optional devices include choke manifold, choke console, auxiliary truck and production tree.

ESIM-PDS9AS Portable well control simulation training system

ESIM-PDS9AS portable well controlling simulating training system is based on DS series full-sized drilling simulating training system. It uses embedded systems and high-performance mobile computer technology, which integrates driller console, choke console into two small-sized devices. With a special case, it can be brought to operating site easily and used at any time.

ESIM-PSS2S Portable Snubbing Simulation Training System

Portable snubbing simulation training system resembles the snubbing unit on real site. The panel layout, parameter display are the same as real equipment. The operation process is designed on the basis of real procedure. The operation and the sound effect is exactly the same as on real site, which makes the training immersive. The system provided 12 operation items for training snubbing technical staff in oilfield.