VR (virtual reality) technology is to use computer rendering to generate virtual scenes and integrate the virtual scene with the real world accurately.

Finally, video display equipment is used to present the scene after virtual reality fusion to users, which greatly improves the user’s visual experience and cognitive sense.

Therefore, VR (virtual reality) technology can be well applied in the training business. The application of virtual reality and augmented reality technology in the aerospace, manufacturing and shipbuilding industry has achieved remarkable results.

The era of VR (virtual reality) in the oil and gas industry has also come.

The establishment of a safety training system based on VR technology brings new learning experiences to people in the petroleum industry and makes knowledge more three-dimensional, vivid and situational.

The interactive training based on VR technology promotes the rapid change of safety training in the petroleum industry.

GlobalData points out that the current VR applications in the oil and gas industry are mainly oil and gas operation simulation, petroleum equipment assembly and disassembly, process testing and inspection, emergency exercise simulation, etc.

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