5 Land Rig Installation Simulator Tips You Need To Learn Now

With the continuous development of computer technology and virtual reality technology in modern society, there are more and more applications in all aspects of society. The same is true in the oil industry. This article will focus on a simulation training system for land rig installation provided by Esimtech.

Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Petroleum Industry

Virtual reality technology combines computer simulation technology, graphics technology, remote sensing technology, and sensing technology to create a three-dimensional environment containing three-dimensional objects. For users, objects in a three-dimensional environment have a strong sense of spatial existence, which can immerse users in a realistic virtual environment and interact with objects in the environment through a series of tools to achieve an immersive feeling.

The land rig installation simulation training system provided by Shengte is a simulation training system with advanced technology and complete functions in the current industry. It can meet the training needs of oil companies and training institutions.

Land Rig Installation Simulator

What is Land Rig Installation Simulator?

The simulation system is a training product developed based on computer simulation technology by combining petroleum engineering technology with computer technology and virtual reality technology. It simulates the drilling process of the land drilling rig realistically with reference to the actual operation process of the drilling operation site. The training objects are mainly technical skills training for new employees, drilling rig installers, drillers and assistant drillers, drilling team technicians, drilling team leaders, and other drilling site operators.

Compared with the traditional training method, it enhances the sense of participation and immersion in the training, effectively improves the training effect, and reduces the training cost. The system can train trainees, including the whole process of land drilling rig installation and safety precautions, the lifting and lowering process of land drilling rig derrick base, drilling rig tripping, and drilling operations, and top drive operations.

The Composition of the Land Drilling Rig Installation Simulation Training System

The Training System Mainly Consists of 5 Components:

  • The animation display module of the whole process of rig installation
  • Derrick/base lifting and lowering training module
  • Rig Virtual Assembly Module
  • Drilling rig simulation operation module
  • Electronic Atlas

The simulation system adopts high-definition animation to clearly show the whole land drilling rig installation process, and the displayed process is completely consistent with the actual land drilling rig installation process steps. The purpose is to standardize the entire installation process, making the land rig installation process more standard, regulated, and safe.

The simulation system utilizes a large number of mathematical and physical models to simulate and display various parameter changes in engineering operations, such as pressure, torque, drilling speed, and more, by accurately reflecting the relationship between these physical parameters to achieve the same performance as the actual drilling rig.

The simulation system uses virtual reality technology and computer simulation technology to construct a realistic perception environment. The three-dimensional animation synchronized with the operating conditions is used to display the scene on a three-channel ring screen or three-channel LCD, combined with high-simulation on-site sound effects, giving people an immersive experience.

Components of a Training System for Land Rig Installation Simulator

  • Driller’s console
  • Top drive console
  • Graphic system
  • Supporting software
Land Rig Installation Simulator

Advantages of a Land Rig Installation Simulation Training System

1. The parameter display, layout, and even operation mode of various equipment panels in the system are completely consistent with the actual products. And the height of each operation console and the real equipment on the drilling site is also the same.

2. The relevant hardware equipment is composed of industrial-grade PLC to ensure the reliability of the equipment to the greatest extent possible.

3. The system’s input cost and maintenance cost is relatively low.

4. The system has no security risk.


Esimtech has strong scientific research strength and has been committed to the development of simulation and simulation systems for petroleum engineering and petroleum equipment for more than 20 years. It has developed petroleum engineering training simulation systems, including drilling, well control, logging, oil production, gas production, downhole operations, oil and gas gathering and transportation, fracturing and acidification, drilling rig installation, and coiled tubing, and working under pressure. The product line covers petroleum and A complete field of application sites for the natural gas industry.

If you need a related simulation training system, please feel free to contact us.

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