How Portable Drilling Simulator Used For Improving Operation Efficiency In Petroleum Industry

In oil and gas operations, the technical level of operators directly determines the operation efficiency. Esmitech has launched a number of oil simulators to simulate scenarios and help operators improve efficiency. As the world’s leading provider of drilling simulation technology, Esmitech is committed to improving the safety and operation efficiency of the petroleum industry.

Esmitech simulator fully complies with IADC and IWCF standards, providing the most stringent industry standards for drilling and well control simulation training. Esmitech simulator includes portable and full-size drilling and well control simulators, as well as advanced network base models for specific customer requirements.

Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation Training System

The portable drilling simulator is extremely practical and can play a huge role in different kinds of operations. Compared with other technologies, its characteristics are very obvious. Using portable drilling simulator, drilling, well control training can be conducted on a single simulator platform, and can be packaged in a customized protective sleeve for transportation.

The module-based learning management system has a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate and use. Esmitech simulator supports human-machine interface system and drilling simulator of various oil drilling rigs to track and report the progress and development of training and simulation operations in a timely manner.

For the performance in training, the evaluation, feedback and improvement functions in simulation can play a significant role in improving. In addition, cloud-based dashboards can be used to remotely monitor the ability of operators.

ESIM-PDS9B Portable Drilling Simulator

ESIM-PDS9B real-time portable drilling simulator provides drilling operation, equipment control, well control and crane training for the drilling rig. Thanks to the non-teacher mode of the interactive device and the sustainable provision of training, development and evaluation, it is completely changing the training mode of the drilling industry. The operators can develop and run drilling and well control exercises, and display the downhole conditions in the form of 3D graphics. This enables trainees to see and clearly understand the consequences of their actions or the consequences of the same actions in different drilling operations.

Through the drilling simulator, different drilling designs and operations can be tried and tested in a safe environment to determine the most economical well construction method and ultimately reduce the total cost of the well. ESIM-PDS9B simulator meets the training and certification standards for oil and gas drilling and well control developed by IWCF and IADC.

Portable Drilling Well Control Simulator

ESIM-FTD1 Portable Drilling Simulator

ESIM-FTD1 top drive drilling simulator can provide various real-time drilling and well control simulations. The software can display the control panel existing in the simulator hardware in the form of an interactive screen to ensure the most authentic experience and provide solid reliability and confidence for end users. It is a fully portable solution that allows a single user to practice independently at any time outside the training center and can create a complex multi-site training environment in the training classroom.

ESIM-FTD1 Top Drive Simulator


Economy: maximize the return on investment through unlimited team practice.
Compliance: ensure that the team is well-trained and capable and conforms to internationally recognized standards.
Reality: provide practical training experience without risk to assets, personnel or environment.
Interactivity: make team training easier and more interactive through four consoles.