Why Choose Esmitech As An Oil & Gas Simulator Manufacturer

Such oil safety accidents as blowouts, explosions, fires and toxic gas leakage may occur at any time. In order to exploit oil, front-line workers bear huge safety risks. The oil & gas simulator is used to solve this problem and ensure the safety of petroleum exploitation. The use of drilling simulator training for drilling personnel can greatly improve the actual operation ability and crisis response-ability, thus improving the efficiency and safety of oil drilling.

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The Importance Of Oil & Gas Simulator

To realize simulation training, a high-performance oil & gas simulator is indispensable. Using computer technology, the petroleum equipment simulator can not only simulate the appearance and operation of real petroleum equipment, but also simulate most typical accidents such as overflow, blowout, sticking and so on.

The operator can use the simulator to learn the operation of petroleum equipment and can carry out efficient and comprehensive training on the premise of low cost and low risk, so as to ensure the operation safety of the trainees after their formal employment. The operation panel of the simulator is almost the same as that of the real pressure machine. The layout of pressure gauge, operating lever and valve control button is also designed according to the actual situation. The visual output of the simulator is also extremely realistic. Even the rust and oil stains on the equipment look the same as the real scene. Through the 4K HD display system, the trained personnel can feel the real well site environment. Wearing VR virtual reality glasses, the trainees can fully immerse themselves in the virtual oilfield scene.

Cyberchair Drilling Simulator

Professional Oil & Gas Simulator And Simulation Training System Provider – Esmitech

In order to make the simulator real, Esmitech insists on adopting a customized production mode. In the early stage of the development of each simulator, engineers will go to the oil field to conduct a lot of research and customize the product according to the actual situation. Not only the appearance and performance of the simulator should be true, but also the sound emitted by the equipment when it is operating on the site. Esmitech also requires to be able to simulate it. Although the cycle of adopting customized production simulators is slow, the simulators made in this way are unique and can provide safety guarantees for front-line workers to the greatest extent.

Coiled tubing is known as universal operating machine. Because of its convenience, it is used more and more widely. Esmitech has specially developed a full size coiled tubing simulator.

In order to make the video image real, Esmitech needs to measure every detail with artistic standards from image modeling, detail rendering to animation generation.

Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation Training System

Esmitech has developed 15 petroleum engineering simulation training systems represented by the drilling simulation system, such as the manufacturing of downhole operation simulators, simulators of oil and gas production and transportation, and well logging simulators. At the same time, Esmitech can also provide customized services such as industrial animation, VR simulation training and large-scale software systems, which fully cover the field of oil and gas exploitation.

Now Esmitech has become one of the leading oil & gas simulator manufacturers and has successfully entered the markets of many major oil countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.