Drilling Simulation Training System

How to manage oil drilling equipment?

With the continuous development of the petroleum industry worldwide, the consumption of petroleum machinery is also increasing, and the management of petroleum machinery and equipment is very important. Maintenance and…
Land Rig Installation Simulator

The Importance of Drilling and Well Control Safety

During the drilling process, there will be difficulties with high formation pressure coefficient, shallow gas layers, high-pressure layers, and some formations containing hydrogen sulfide, which makes the drilling work dangerous….
Portable Workover Simulator

Safety Management of Downhole Operation

This article will discuss various risk factors that may exist in the process of downhole operations. The problems and deficiencies in the safety management of underground operations are analyzed, and…
iwcf certification

Understand the Background of IADC and IWCF Now

This article will take you to understand IADC and IWCF respectively, and briefly introduce the qualifications of Esimtech. What is IADC? IADC refers to the International Association of Drilling Contractors,…
Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation

2 Kinds of Drilling and Well Control Simulators

This article will introduce two drilling and well control simulation training systems developed and manufactured by Esimtech: the portable drilling well control simulation training system and the cyber chair drilling…
Animation of Diesel Engine Assembly and Disassembly

Learn About Industrial Drilling Animation

This article will introduce several industrial drilling animations provided by Esimtech:well Control Animation, well logging animation, oil and gas production animation, animation of disassembly and working principle of drilling and…
emergency exercise simulator

What is Emergency Exercise Simulator?

This article includes general detailed knowledge about a drilling emergency exercise simulator. About Esimtech’s Emergency Exercise Simulator The virtual simulation platform for drilling emergency exercises in oil and gas fields…
oil drilling

5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Drilling Simulator

The drilling simulator adopts the concept of virtual manufacturing technology, and the development process is based on modern computer control technology, computer simulation technology, computer graphics technology, computer network technology,…