Why Choose Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator

Due to the particularity of oil drilling industry, the emergency of drilling simulator is to save a lot of manpower and resources for drilling training. Petroleum drilling simulator is a kind of virtual training equipment that uses modern electronic technology and communication principle to simulate the driller’s operation in drilling operation.

What is Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator

Esmitech has developed portable drilling simulator, which uses the simulation console to send operating instructions to achieve interactive control of the virtual 3D well pad.

Through the combination of simulator and 3D technology, the trainees can operate directly through the driller’s console simulator to restore the well site operation process, as if sitting in the driller’s control room, each button corresponds to the corresponding operation, with a strong sense of presence and realism.

Esmitech drilling simulator is portable, easy to carry and can facilitate mobile teaching. The simulator can build a multi-user shared virtual environment based on the network, so that users of different types of work training can control their own virtual characters through the network and interact with the virtual characters controlled by others to achieve the purpose of simulation training.

Portable Drilling Simulator

Features Of Esmitech Portable Driller Simulator

Physical operation control

No sequenced driller operation mode

True 3D, real-time image interaction

Realistic environment sound effect

Real-time voice prompt

Advanced and accurate physical and mathematical model, in line with real process requirements

Cooperative operation in teams of different types of work

The training content is systematic and comprehensiveand the project configuration is flexible

User-friendly interface, easy to learn

top drive simulator

Functions Of Esmitech Portable Driller Simulator

Drilling modes can be selected, such as rotary table drilling simulator and top drive simulator.

The parameters for starting the drill can be set to control the operation dynamics of the drill.

Be able to truly display the well site image.

Conduct training on various drilling operation processes, such as tripping out and connecting single pipes.

Conduct interactive simulation of drilling. The system receives the operation command from the operation console, judging its action attribute and making corresponding feedback.

Operation Projects Of Esmitech Portable Driller Simulator

The training content basically covers all operations of the drilling, including rotary table drilling operation and top drive drilling operation. Rotary table and top drive drilling operation module respectively include patrol inspection, drilling operation and accident handling.

(1) Patrol inspection of rotary drilling operation

The drilling operation
1. drilling, connecting a single pipe
2. tripping out and running in the hole
3. casing operation

(2) The accident handling operation can be carried out by the teacher randomly introducing equipment and downhole faults during the operation of the well control simulator, so that the trainees can understand the judgment and handling methods of the faults. It can deal with downhole accidents, such as stuck tripping, stuck tripping, high-pressure formation drilling, low-pressure formation drilling, adhesive sticking, sand setting sticking, mud bag sticking, drill pipe suction, well kick caused by high-pressure permeability layer, multiple well kick, lost circulation, formation fracture, underground blowout, out-of-control blowout, out-of-control blowout, and fire.

Applications Of Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator

The Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator is a versatile tool that can be used in various applications related to drilling operations. Some of the most common applications of the simulator include:

Training: The simulator is an excellent training tool for drilling operators of all levels. It provides a safe and controlled environment for practicing skills and techniques, such as drilling techniques, tripping procedures, and well control.

Assessment: The simulator can be used to assess the skills and competency of drilling operators. It provides real-time feedback on performance, allowing instructors to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted feedback and coaching.

Research and development: The simulator can be used in research and development activities related to drilling operations. It can be used to test new drilling technologies and techniques, evaluate the effectiveness of different drilling strategies, and identify potential risks and hazards associated with drilling operations.

Emergency response training: The simulator can be used to simulate emergency scenarios, such as well blowouts or equipment failures. This allows drilling operators to practice their emergency response procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Pre-job planning: The simulator can be used to develop and test drilling plans and procedures before they are implemented in the field. This can help to identify potential problems or issues and refine the plan before actual drilling operations begin.

Reasons Why Buy Drilling Simulator From Esmitech

The Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator is a highly advanced and realistic simulator designed for training and improving the skills of drilling operators. It offers a range of features and benefits that make it a compelling choice for those seeking to enhance their drilling skills. Some of these features and benefits include:Portability: The Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator is compact and easy to transport, making it ideal for use in remote locations or in situations where space is limited.

Realistic simulation: The simulator provides a highly realistic drilling experience, simulating various drilling scenarios and conditions. This allows operators to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment without the risk of damaging equipment or causing accidents.

Customizable scenarios: The simulator allows for the creation of customized scenarios, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs and training goals of the operator or organization.

Cost-effective: The simulator is a cost-effective alternative to traditional training methods, such as on-the-job training or expensive drilling schools.

Continuous improvement: The simulator provides instant feedback on performance, allowing operators to identify areas for improvement and refine their skills.

How To Buy Esmitech Portable Drilling Simulator?

  1. Contact Esmitech: The first step is to contact Esmitech directly to inquire about purchasing their Portable Drilling Simulator. You can visit their website or contact them through email, phone, or other means of communication.
  2. Consultation: Esmitech may arrange for a consultation to discuss your specific needs and requirements for the simulator, such as the type of drilling operations you conduct and the number of operators you need to train.
  3. Quotation: After the consultation, Esmitech may provide a quotation that includes the cost of the simulator, any additional equipment or services required, and shipping and handling fees.
  4. Purchase: If you agree to the quotation, you can proceed with purchasing the simulator. Esmitech will provide you with the necessary information and guidance on how to make the payment.
  5. Delivery and installation: Once the payment is processed, Esmitech will arrange for the delivery and installation of the simulator. They may also provide training and technical support to ensure that the simulator is set up and functioning properly.