3 Kinds of Virtual Reality Technology Oil and Gas Simulation Training Products

Virtual reality technology is a practical technology developed since the 20th century. Virtual reality technology is a combination of computer technology, electronic information technology, and simulation technology. And mainly computer technology, comprehensive use of three-dimensional graphics technology, multimedia technology, simulation technology, display technology, servo technology, and other high-tech technologies, with the help of computers and other equipment to generate a realistic three-dimensional virtual world. So that people in the virtual world have an immersive feeling. With the continuous development of VR technology, VR technology has begun to play a role in all walks of life, and VR technology has also made great progress.

Virtual reality technology has become a new training method. The use of virtual reality technology can help students create a vivid and realistic learning environment so that students can enhance memory through real feelings. The use of virtual reality technology to conduct independent learning is more acceptable to students, and this method is more likely to stimulate students’ interest in learning. In addition, universities and laboratories have begun to use virtual reality technology to establish subject-related virtual training systems to help students learn and train better.

Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

The establishment of the training system based on VR technology has brought a new learning experience to people in the oil industry. The ability to bring knowledge to life and contextualize it has driven rapid changes in safety training in the oil industry.

The application of VR technology in the oil and gas industry is mainly oil and gas operation simulation, oil equipment assembly and disassembly, process testing and inspection, emergency drill simulation, and so on.

The Following Introduces 3 Types of Oil and Gas Simulation Training Equipment Developed and Produced by Esimtech Using VR Technology

Esimtech is supported by the Computer Application Research Institute of Southwest Petroleum University and the Key Laboratory of “Petroleum Engineering Computer Simulation Technology” of the Ministry of Education and has been committed to the development of engineering simulation systems in the oil and gas industry. The company has a series of proprietary products with independent property rights in petroleum engineering simulation systems and petroleum equipment.

Emergency Exercise (VR)

Emergency Exercise (VR)

The emergency exercise (VR) is developed based on the emergency drill software platform and is used for training and testing drilling emergency drills. Through VR interaction and immersive experience, the personnel participating in the training can cultivate their psychological quality before some emergencies. Contingencies that can be trained include blowouts, explosions, H2S leaks, and more.

Through the training and testing of Emergency Exercise (VR), trainees can train their abilities in emergency event prediction, event handling, and emergency escape.

Snubbing Simulator (MR)

Snubbing Simulator (MR)

The Snubbing Simulator (MR) combines a full-scale drilling and killing simulator with VR technology through a highly realistic 3D scene display.

Through the combination of virtual and reality training environment, students can complete the training items such as running and pulling tubing and tools and master the basic operation of snubbing operation and the common technical process of snubbing.

Device Virtual Assembly

Device Virtual Assembly

Through the interactive operation and immersive experience of Device Virtual Assembly, the personnel participating in the training can learn the internal structure, working principle, and assembly method of drilling and well control devices in a targeted manner. Through realistic training, the trainees can be familiar with the various components and working principles of the equipment and then be able to analyze the working conditions and troubleshoot.

The product can provide customized services, and can perform virtual assembly of various equipment according to the different needs of customers.

The above introduces three training products developed in the oil and gas industry combined with VR technology. In addition, we have produced virtual training products covering almost the entire oil and gas industry, including drilling and well control simulators, oil and gas production simulators, downhole operation simulators, logging simulators, 3D animations, etc. Meet a variety of training needs. Esimtech would like you to feel free to contact us to learn more.

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