What Are Commonly Used Simulators For Drilling And Well Control

Drilling machines, well control equipment, solids control equipment, drill pipe, drill collar and bit, and other equipment are commonly used in the drilling engineering. Due to the high cost of drilling equipment and the hazardous environment on the construction site, other personnel, in addition to production professionals, are not permitted to access and enter the oil drilling production site.

A comprehensive 3D drilling and well control simulator, which completely reproduces the scene and working atmosphere of oil drilling work and improves students’ perceptual knowledge of the drilling work site, was developed to show the real oil drilling production site and train students with relevant knowledge and skills.

Top Drive Simulator For Drilling And Well Control

The goal of the top drive simulation training system is to train the operation of the top drive device. It can offer training for all top drive operations as well as common accident handling. It can be used to train drillers and driller assistants, as well as technicians and drilling team leaders. Trainees can master the operation method of the top drive as well as common accident handling skills by training with the system.

Top Drive Simulator


Completely simulating the real system

Display of 3D animation

Accident prevention feature

Working Mode: Step by Step

Realistic sound effect

Automatic scoring feature

Management of student information

Drilling Simulation Training System For Drilling And Well Control

Drilling simulation training system simulates real-world equipment on a real-world production site, including all hardware systems, panel layout, operation methods, and parameter displays.

Drilling Simulation Training System


Mode of nonsequence drilling operation

Physical-mathematical mode that is advanced and precise

Creating a training snapshot based on real-world well conditions

Systematic training content and adaptability

Full-scale, real-world device operation environment

Intelligent scoring, 3D fairness, and interactive animation

User-friendly interface

Realistic sound effects and an alarm system

Controlling industrial PLCs with high stability and reliability

Voice prompting in real time

Land Rig Installation Simulator For Drilling And Well Control

The land rig installation simulator combines petroleum engineering, computer technology, and virtual reality technologies. This system is made up of five major components: animation demonstration of rig installation, training on lifting and lowering derrick and pedestal, rig virtual assembly, rig simulation operation, and electronic graphics.

It teaches the land rig installation process and key points, as well as the lifting and lowering of the rig derrick and pedestal, rig tripping in and out, drilling, top drive operation, rig structure, the inner structure of important devices, and so on.

Land Rig Installation Simulator


HD animation demonstrating rig installation procedure

Real-time interaction with the rig model, as well as 3D animation demonstration

Detailed electronic graphics displaying the structure of the rig

Simulating a real rig and performing the same operation as real equipment

3D animation that simulates a real-world visual environment