What Is Drilling And Well Control Simulation System

With the continuous development of oil and gas development, the situation of various oil wells and oilfields has become more complex and the risks faced by the construction site have increased. The drilling and well control simulation system has been widely used for the experiment, training and assessment of drilling technicians. The traditional field training is limited by the site and visual angle and the training effect is not ideal. VR virtual reality technology provides a perfect solution for drilling well control training.

VR virtual reality technology cooperates with 3D interactive equipment to simulate the well site environment, equipment and facilities, operators, and work processes, as well as the formation structure, borehole trajectory, drilling targets, and other objects that are prone to be observed with the naked eye, which are both simulated and beyond the limitations of reality, and the display effect is accurate, intuitive, and diverse. Greatly reduce the design cost and development cycle.

Why Choose Drilling And Well Control Simulation System

The drilling and well control simulation system fully covers the knowledge and theory of multiple disciplines, multiple types of work and multiple equipment involved in the system engineering, and the teaching system is complete. Students do not need to measure the abandoned oil fields step by step.

The virtual reality system connects with external handheld devices and realizes the structure display through dynamic viewing, moving, rotating and scaling operations. The work flow is mainly demonstrated in the form of video and audio.

In comparison to offline training, it is not limited by space or time as a simulator training that can be carried out by entering a virtual classroom online. It also establishes clear and consistent evaluation standards for the training process, which promotes unified management. Furthermore, online training methods can realize some related dangerous operations and some advanced training that are difficult to achieve in offline training through virtual and realistic scene simulation.

The system also sets downhole accident mode to simulate the real process caused by wrong operation. The trainees can receive timely error prompts and feedback of training results to deepen the study of safety concepts and emergency measures.

Furthermore, teachers can train multiple people at the same time, which helps save resources. Students can also conduct post-class consolidation reviews at any time after they have completed their learning.

In addition to training personal practical operation ability, the handling of emergencies requires seamless cooperation of all links. The VR virtual reality remote information sharing system, developed in combination with the Internet, spans workshops and departments, supporting multi-user interaction and collaboration, and greatly improves the effectiveness of department collaboration, workflow mode, sharing mode.

It is not necessary to select a relationship between the online simulator training system and the offline training system.

Device Virtual Assembly

Applications Of Drilling And Well Control Simulation System

Rig installation, well logging, oil and gas gathering and transportation, fracturing and acidizing, coiled tubing, oil and gas production, transportation, downhole operations, emergency exercise simulator, and other areas are included in the applications of drilling and well control simulation, with a wide range of 3D oil & gas animations, such as drilling and well control equipment disassembly and working principle animation.

Animation of Diesel Engine Assembly and Disassembly

3D Technologies Widely Used In Drilling And Well Control Simulation System

To achieve realistic simulation and 3D interaction of drilling drill scenes, personnel conditions, equipment and facilities, and environmental conditions, 3D simulation, 3D interaction, and other technologies are used.

Through virtual reality technology, these simulation training systems can automatically collaborate with trainers to complete various exercise projects, have realistic scenes, and provide a good user interaction experience.