ESIM-FFA2 Fracturing and Acidizing Simulation Training System

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This system is  fracturing and acidizing simulation training platform based on devices in production fields strictly. It also has technologies as fieldbus communication, distributed controlling, and virtual reality. The system is composed of hardware, software, and graphics system. The hardware part is based on operation panel of fracturing trucks and blending trucks; the software part is based on fracturing design and process technology; the graphics system displays the real process in 3D models. An evaluation software which enables students to operate on their own, and system gives score automatically. Instructors can also monitor students’ operation. This software helps to grasp students’ progress rate. The system is highly intelligent with reliable software, stable operation, and lifelike graphic interface, which makes it easy to use and learn. The system enables student to know about the real process directly and to master the corresponding skills.

System Features

Full-size, real environment simulation

Specific and comprehensive training contents, flexible project configuration

Real 3D, interactive animation

Intelligent scoring, fair and equitable assessing

Lifelike environment sound and alarm

Powerful software functions, friendly interface, easy to learn and use

Real-time voice prompts

Industrial-grade PLC controlling, high stability and reliability

District mathematical simulation, corresponding to real technical demands


Operation voltage: 220V 50Hz AC

Display resolution: 1920*960

Power consumption: < 4000 Watt

Storage temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Average time between malfunction: 5000 hours

Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Area: 40 square meters

Training Items

1. Preparation operation before fracturing

(1)Fracturing devices configuration
(2)Fracturing devices connection
(3)Fracturing column assembly

2. Operation after fracturing

(1)Sand exploration
(2)Fracturing column rising
(3)Putting into operation

3. Fracturing construction operation

(2)Testing pressure
(3)Testing packing
(5)Adding sand
(6)Replacing packing
(7)Shutting-in and diffusing pressure
(8)Moving column

4. Acidizing construction operation

(1)Replacing acid
(2)Packing packer
(3)Squeeze acid
(5)Shutting-in reaction
(6)Acid anti-handling

5. Operation before fracturing

(1)Exploring sand surface, flushing sand
(2)Original well column rising
(3)Well killing and replacing
(4)Fracturing layer pretreatment
(5)Fracturing column descending

6. Fracturing construction process

(1)Slip-column stratification fracturing process
(2)Pitching stratification fracturing process
(3)Positioning balance fracturing process
(4)End TSO fracturing process
(5)Current-limiting fracturing process

7. Fracturing accident treatment

(1)Cannot open
(2)Pressure channeling
(3)Sand blocking
(4)Sand stopping
(5)Column shedding

8. Acidizing preparation operation

(1)Wellhead devices installing
(2)Well washing, well killing
(3)Column rising and descending
(4)Pump testing, liquid preparation, acid preparation
(5)High&low pressure manifold connection







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