ESIM-FOR3 Oil Recovery Simulation Training System

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Oil recovery simulation training system is based on virtual reality, fieldbus communication, distributed controlling, and computer simulation. It provides connections among each aspects and process of oil collection engineering through using image fusion and various display solution in order to achieve skills training and target assessment for oil workers and injection workers. The system displays the profiles of every single device, preset malfunction during training, score trainee's operations automatically, and print out final grade. It improves training efficiency greatly.  It not only has very low running and maintaining cost, but also avoids device damages because of incorrect operations by trainee. Combining the virtual system and real training system together helps trainee to learn to use their knowledge to do actual operations. As a result, it helps to consolidate theoretical knowledge and regulate operations.

System Features

1. Real 3D, interactive animation

2. Strict mathematical model, complying with real technical demands

3. Device profile display and working principle analysis

4. Intelligent scoring, fair and square

5. Industrial PLC controlling, high stability and reliability


Operation voltage: 220V 50Hz AC

Power consumption: < 4000 Watt

Storage temperature: 0-40 ℃

Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃

Display resolution: 1080*960

Average time between malfunction: 5000 hours 

Training Items

1. Oil recovery workers operation 

(1)Pumping, wellhead operation
Pumping wells inspection
Starting pumping
Stopping pumping
Checking balance rate
Adjusting crank balance
Adjusting anti-collision distance
Wells hot washing
Pump touching
Wellhead pressure limping
Indicator diagram testing
Tanker deliverability

(2) Manifold operation
Starting furnace
Stopping furnace
Adding demulsifier
Separating tolerance oil
Gas measuring with liquid discharge method

2. Injection workers operation

(1)Injection pump operation
Starting centrifugal pump
Stopping centrifugal pump
Starting piston pump
Stopping piston pump
Turning over piston pump

(2)Water distribution, injection operatio
Adjusting injected water quantity of injection wells
Injection workers inspection
Inverse wells washing while injecting

3. Production problems and accidents analyzing and treating operation

Upstream current drops because of oil pushing rod breaking
Upstream and downstream current increases slowly because of wellbore wax
Upstream current increases, downstream current drops because of pipeline blockage
Current fluctuation because of oil coming from wells discontinuously
Liquid production drops because of pumping leaking
Liquid production drops because of pipeline leaking
Liquid production drops because of air locking


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