ESIM-PWS3S Portable Workover Simulator

ESIM-PWS3 Portable Workover Simulator

  • Non-sequence simulation software structure allows no restriction on operation sequence.
  • Simulate the formation kick according to the parameters change such as well depth, mud density formation pressure, etc.
  • Operator can record and calculate shut-in tubing pressure and casing pressure at real-time.
  • Bottom-hole pressure can be adjusted with choke valve during well killing circulation.
  • Killing speed can be adjusted at any time during well killing.
  • Killing curves can be generated automatically after well killing.

A portable workover simulation training system is the combination of petroleum engineering and computer technology, virtual realization technology, computer simulation technology.

It is mainly used to train new workers, driller/ assistant driller, drilling technicians and driller supervisors. The training provided by this system can enable trainees to master the basic techniques of shutting in and well killing.

The system adopts a mathematical model to simulate various parameters such as pressure, torque, drilling rate, flow rate, etc., and to reflect the relationships between these parameters so as to reach the same effect as the real drilling operation. 3D animation in real-time makes up an immersive environment for the trainees.

System Features

  • Actual 3D interactive animation
  • Lifelike environment noises and voice prompt
  • Strict mathematic simulation, conforming to real technology demands
  • Systematic and complete training content, flexible project configuration
  • Intelligent scoring, fair assessment
  • Advanced software, friendly interface
  • Industrial PLC control with high stability


Operation voltage:220V 50Hz AC
Power consumption:< 1000 Watt
Operating temperature0-40 degrees Celsius
Display resolution:1920*1080
The average working time between malfunction:≥5000 hour

Training Items

1. Shutting in operation

  With drilling platform
1) Rotation operation Tripping operation
2) Tripping large diameter tool
3) Barren hole
4) Wireline perforation

  Without drilling platform
1) Drilling cement plug operation
2) Tripping operation
3) Tripping large diameter tool
4) Barren hole
5) Wireline perforation

2. Well killing operation

1) Driller’s method
2) Engineer’s method
3) Reverse circulation driller’s method
4) Reverse circulation engineer’s method

Portable Workover Simulator Display

Portable Workover Simulator
Portable Workover Simulator
Portable Workover Simulator
Portable Workover Simulator

Our Strength

  • Preciseness
  • Precise mathematical and physical model
  • Reliability
  • Stable and reliable software and hardware
  • Reality
  • Highly realistic 3D scene display


  • What well control simulations does this well control simulator cover?

In well control operation, pressure control is very important. How the pressure is controlled? In the well control simulator, various scenes of kick can be simulated, both hard and soft shut-in the procedure can be carried out. Meanwhile, various well-killing methods are provided, such as driller’s method, engineer’s method, volumetric method, bullheaded, low choke method, standpipe pressure method, etc.

  • What new petroleum simulations and features are you working on?

Esimtech has been committed in the study and developing petroleum engineering simulation training system for about 30 years, and has a series of independent intellectual property rights. Our simulators are widely used in many training companies with good feedbacks. To keep pace with the international standard and demand, Esimtech is now studying and developing MPD simulator, where some achievement has been reached.

  • Can this simulator replace the simulators I currently use in my well control training program?

Esimtech drilling and well control simulator has been approved by IADC and IWCF which can be used for common operation training, as well as IWCF and IADC training programs.