Learn About Drilling Rig Simulation and Simulator

What is the Drilling Rig Simulation?

The drilling rig simulation can show the composition of the oil drilling platform, the shape structure of the system equipment and its function. Trained personnel can understand the relevant equipment and knowledge of oil drilling platforms through vivid demonstrations.

Online Land Rig Drilling Simulators-Esimtech

land rig drilling simulators

Online land rig drilling simulators are the product of the combination of petroleum engineering technology, computer technology, and virtual reality technology. The main modules covered include the whole process of drilling rig installation in the form of animation, derrick/base lifting and lowering training, virtual drilling rig assembly, drilling rig simulation operation, electronic atlas, and other 5 major modules.

The system can train trainees as follows:

1. The whole process of land drilling rig installation and safety precautions.

2. The lifting and lowering process of the derrick base of the land drilling rig.

3. Rig trip and drilling operation, top drive operation.

4. The overall structure of the drilling rig and the internal structure of the important equipment of the drilling rig, etc.

3D Drilling Rig Simulation

The use of 3D technology in oil and gas industry simulators increases the efficiency of training. Make training and learning more three-dimensional and visualized. It can make trainees feel immersive in a realistic environment, which deepens the impression of training and improves the effect of training.

The role of 3D technology in drilling rig simulators is mainly reflected in the ability to demonstrate and simulate the real visual environment through 3D animation, and the real-time interaction of drilling rig models.

Drilling & Well Control Simulator

The drilling well control simulator established by Esimtech can show the real oil drilling production site. Esimtech has established a comprehensive 3D Drill simulator and well control simulator, which can fully display the scene and working atmosphere of oil drilling work. In addition to the necessary knowledge of the training college, it can also improve students’ perceptual knowledge.

Oil Drilling Simulator

oil well drilling simulation

The oil drilling simulator can simulate the real equipment on the production site, including all hardware systems, panel layouts, operation methods, and parameter displays. And 3D animation is presented through the display screen to simulate the sound effect of the real drilling floor, creating an immersive training environment.

The system is based on advanced computer control technology, 3D technology, virtual reality technology, and advanced network technology, combined with rigorous simulation of the drilling engineering process and reliable physical and mathematical models, and provides various training programs. Including tripping in and out, drilling, well control, equipment fault detecting, and treatment of drilling accidents and troubles.

The oil well drilling simulation realizes a high degree of simulation of the entire drilling work project, improves the flexibility and practicability of operation, and enables trainees to make great progress in training efficiency and training effect on the basis of traditional offline training.

Well Control Simulation

The well control simulator for sale is jointly developed by Southwest Petroleum University and Esimtech and is specially used for well control simulation training. It has the characteristics of easy portability, complete functions, and compliance with IADC and IWCF standards. By flexibly setting various drilling parameters, such as drilling tool structure, wellbore structure, formation parameters, equipment parameters, etc., the well control simulation training process can be made more flexible and targeted.

The well control simulator software system adopts a non-sequential architecture, which can simulate various operations of the drilling rig, making the system closer to reality. The well control simulator uses virtual reality technology to construct a realistic perception environment, adopts three-dimensional animation synchronized with the operating conditions, and combines simulated sound effects to give people a real experience at the work site.

The drilling rig simulator, drilling simulator, oil drilling simulator, well control simulator produced by Esimtech are deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers and recognized by professionals. If you need it, please contact us.

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