ESIM-FOR3 Oil Recovery Simulator

ESIM-FOR3 Oil Recovery Simulator

  • Figure out the working status, manifold pressure and so on at real time during student’s operation.
  • Present underground scene, device motion and device working theories,
  • Accident setting function enables students to judge the cause of problems and master the way of handling common problems.
  • Oil well parameter are adjustable, including pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc.
  • The function of the system is expandable.

ESIM-FOR3 oil recovery simulation training system is based on virtual reality, Fieldbus communication, distributed control, and computer simulation. It provides connections among each aspect and process of oil collection engineering through using image fusion and various display solutions in order to achieve skills training and target assessment for oil workers and injection workers.

The system displays the profiles of every single device, preset malfunction during training, score trainee’s operations automatically, and print out final grade. It improves training efficiency greatly.  It not only has very low running and maintenance cost, but also avoids device damages because of incorrect operations by trainee. Combining the virtual system and real training system together helps trainees to learn to use their knowledge to do actual operations. As a result, it helps to consolidate theoretical knowledge and regulate operations.

System Features

  1. Real 3D, interactive animation
  2. Strict mathematical model, complying with real technical demands
  3. Device profile display and working principle analysis
  4. Intelligent scoring, fair and square
  5. Industrial PLC controlling, high stability and reliability


Operation voltage:220V 50Hz AC
Power consumption:< 6000 Watt
Operating temperature0-30 ℃
The average working time between malfunction:≥5000 hours

Training Items

  1. Rod-pumped well opening
  2. Rod-pumped well shutting in
  3. Rod-pumped well washing
  4. Electric submersible well opening
  5. Electric submersible well shutting in
  6. Electric submersible well washing
  7. Screw pump well opening
  8. Screw pump well shutting in
  9. Screw pump well washing
  10. Checking pump condition by building pressure of the screw pump well
  11. Wellhead fault judging and removing
  12. Starting furnace operation
  13. Single good gauging operation
  14. Washing gauging and separating device
  15. Gauging station fault judging and removing
  16. Water injection positive injection
  17. Water injection inverse injection
  18. Water injection process fault judging and removing
  19. Adjusting well injection water volume
  20. Building pressure of rod-pumped well wellhead


ESIM-FOR3 Oil Recovery Simulator
ESIM-FOR3 Oil Recovery Simulator

Why Choose Us?

  • Cutomization
  • Customized software and hardware
  • Preciseness
  • Precise mathematical and physical model
  • Reality
  • Highly realistic 3D scene display


  • Can this simulator replace the simulators I currently use in my good control training program?

Esimtech drilling and well control simulator has been approved by IADC and IWCF which can be used for common operation training, as well as IWCF and IADC training programs.

  • Why is your simulator better than other simulators I’ve used in the past?

With the mission of “Assist training, reduce accidents and benefit the society”, Esimtech have been doing their best to design, develop and service every simulator. Esimtech simulator has its features as strictness, reliability, realisticness, lifelikeness. Problems and incident playback function enable trainees to experience troubles at any time which helps trainees to better master the skills of judging and handling common troubles.

  • Do you have any happy clients or testimonials about your simulator?

“Creating value for customers”, which is always emphasized in our company. With this original intention, Esimtech Company develops simulators with high quality and provides timely and enthusiastic services. For all these years, the products and services provided by Esimtech are highly praised by our customers.

  • Can you do custom work for my specific rig, company, or field?

Esimtech provides customization service, which is the biggest feature of the company. Esimtech has a strong production team skilled at programming and animation production. Both hardware and software can be customized to comply with the real situation.