With the continuous development of the petroleum industry, the oil and gas simulation training system plays an increasingly important role in personnel training in the fields of drilling and well control, oil and gas production and transportation, and downhole operations.

Chengdu Esimtech Petroleum Equipment Simulation Technology Co., Ltd. is supported by the scientific researching power of Computer Application researching institute of Southwest Petroleum University and “Petroleum Engineering Computer Simulation Technology “Key Lab of Education Ministry, and has been in the field of developing oil and gas simulator in oil and gas industry for many years. The company has a serial of proprietary products in simulation system of petroleum engineering and petroleum equipment. Esimtech, adhering to the concept of “Producing the best simulator; make training more efficient”, provides products with excellent quality, and creates values for customers.

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Our Advantages

  • Favorable Price

DS series drilling simulator has become one of the drilling simulator products with the most reasonable price, the most complete functions and the best performance recognized by the industry at home and abroad.

  • IADC and IWCF Member

Esimtech has become a member of IADC and IWCF.

  • Complete Product Line

Esimtech has developed a complete simulation training system for oil and gas industry application sites such as drilling, well control, logging, oil production, gas production, downhole operations, oil and gas gathering and transportation, fracturing and acidizing.

  • Massive Market Share

We now occupy most of the domestic market share of drilling simulation devices and are actively expanding overseas.

FAQ for Oil and Gas Simulator

Q: What is the Oil and Gas Simulator Training System?

Answer: The so-called oil and gas simulator training system is a simulation system based on petroleum engineering and petroleum equipment. The purpose of our oil and gas simulator training system is to help major drilling training centers or petroleum colleges conduct training in various fields of the petroleum industry. The development of these online simulator training systems has played an important role in the development of the petroleum industry and continuing education in the oilfield industry.

Q: What Areas do your Oil and Gas Simulators Cover?

A: The simulator training system developed by Esimtech has covered all fields of application in the oil and gas industry.

These areas include rig installation, well logging, oil and gas gathering and transportation, fracturing and acidizing, coiled tubing, drilling well control, oil and gas production, transportation, downhole operations, emergency exercise simulator, and more. Each product has its own advantages and can be selected according to your specific needs.

At the same time, we also provide a variety of 3D animations: drilling and well control equipment disassembly and working principle animation, land drilling rig assembly animation, downhole tool disassembly, and working principle animation, well control animation, diesel engine disassembly and assembly animation, logging animation, oil and gas production animation, and HSE animation. They can make students more familiar with the operation of various fields of the oil and gas industry.

At the same time, we are still developing… If you have other needs that are not on the list, you are welcome to contact us at any time for a consultation!

Q: Why Use Various Oil and Gas Simulators for Training?

A: As a simulator training that can be carried out by entering a virtual classroom online, compared to offline training, it is not limited by space and time. It also sets clear and unified evaluation standards for the training process, which is conducive to unified management. In addition, through virtual and realistic scene simulation, online training methods can realize some related dangerous operations and some advanced training that is difficult to achieve in offline training.

In addition, teachers can also train multiple people at the same time, which is conducive to saving resources. Students can also conduct post-class consolidation reviews at any time after learning.

The relationship between the online simulator training system and the offline training system does not have to be chosen. We can do it at the same time, and the functions and functions of online training and offline training complement each other, which can achieve better training results.

Q: Are you IADC and IWCF Certified?

A: Of course, Esimtech passed the on-site audit of IADC in 2017. And our portable drilling and well control simulator ESIM-PDS9BS, and seat drilling and well control simulator ESIM-FCC11 successfully passed the IWCF International Well Control Forum certification.

Q: What High-Tech Technologies are Used in the Oil and Gas Simulator?

A: We use the combination of network communication, 3D simulation, 3D interaction, and other technologies to achieve realistic simulation and 3D interaction of drilling drill scenes, personnel conditions, equipment and facilities, and environmental conditions.

These simulation training systems can automatically cooperate with trainers to complete different exercise projects and have realistic scenes and a good user interaction experience through virtual reality technology. The equipment can be operated through an interactive interface, with a high degree of operability and rich details.

Q: How Should We Start Working Together?

A: For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please contact us by phone or email, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Q: Do you Have any Cooperation Cases?

A: Of course, our products have been used in major universities including Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute, Yan’an Vocational and Technical College, Shandong Shengli Vocational College, Daqing Vocational College, and Tianjin Petroleum Vocational and Technical College, and so on.

Major technology companies: PetroChina Technology Development Corporation, Southwest Petroleum Bureau, North China Petroleum Engineering Company, etc.

Q: Can I Customize It for My Specific Company or Field?

A: Of course, if you have special needs, please contact us and tell us your needs to provide you with special customized services.