Production Well Logging Simulator

ESIM-FWL2 Production Well Logging Simulator

  • Cutomization
  • Customized software and hardware
  • Preciseness
  • Precise mathematical and physical model
  • Service
  • Timely and considerate after-sale service

Production well logging simulation training system takes the advantage of computer simulation and virtual reality, network technology, graphics technical, multi-media technical and well logging theory to solve the problem of pre-post training and skill evaluation of well-logging technicians and workers and make training and evaluation keep step with the technology development and production demand.

System Features

  • Actual 3D interactive animation
  • Lifelike environment noises and voice prompt
  • Strict mathematical models, conforming to real technology demands
  • Systematic and complete training content, flexible project configuration
  • Intelligent scoring, fair assessment
  • Advanced software, friendly interface
  • Industrial PLC control with high stability


Power supply:110~220V/ 50~60 Hz AC
Power consumption:< 5000 Watt
Working temperature:0℃~30℃
The average time between malfunction:≥5000 hours

Training Items

1. Wellhead workers operation training

(1)Tubing injecting operation with test valve at wellhead
(2)Tubing injecting operation without test valve at wellhead
(3)Casing injecting operation with test valve at wellhead
(4)Casing injecting operation without test valve at wellhead
(5)Pumping operation with test valve at wellhead
(6)Pumping operation without test valve at wellhead

2. Drawworks worker operation training

(1)Normal dropping
(2)Normal rising
(3)Dropping with obstacle
(4)Rising with obstacle

3. Operator operating training

(1)Five-parameter synthesis logging
(2)Electromagnetic flow logging
(3)Oxygen activation logging
(4)Impedance logging
(5)Audio logging
(6)Caliper logging
(7)Single magnetic orientation logging
(8)Former magnetic orientation logging
(9)Acoustic wave logging


Production Well Logging Simulator
Production Well Logging Simulator
Production Well Logging Simulator
Production Well Logging Simulator

System Software

Master Control Software

  1. Platform software module
  2. Instructor station software module
  3. Student console software module
  4. Wellhead operation software module
  5. Drawworks worker operation software module
  6. Operator training software module
  7. Team operation software module
  8. Theoretical training and examining software module
  9. System self-checking module

Graphics Software

  1. Virtual 3D scene displaying software module
  2. Multi-media animation


  • How would I get the simulators if I ordered?

The package will be shipped to the customer’s facility. If necessary, Esimtech provides onsite installation and training services.

  • Do you have any after-sale service?

Esimtech provides lifetime service support via phone, email or fax at no cost. The simulator is under warranty for a period of 12 months, including updates if released during the warranty period.

  • Do you have any certifications?

Esimtech drilling and well control simulator has been approved by IWCF and IADC.

Since establishment, Esimtech has obtained a series of independent intellectual property rights, including invention patents in China and abroad.

Esimtech was granted as “High-tech Enterprise”, and has been awarded the third prize of “Science and Technology Progress”.

Esimtech has also obtained the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

  • Do you have simulators simulating offshore drilling platforms?

Esimtech provides drilling and well control simulator with offshore platform simulation.

  • Is there a complete instruction for use if I ordered?

    There will be completely operational instruction and maintenance instruction along with the package.