What is Emergency Exercise Simulator?

This article includes general detailed knowledge about a drilling emergency exercise simulator.

About Esimtech’s Emergency Exercise Simulator

The virtual simulation platform for drilling emergency exercises in oil and gas fields uses three-dimensional simulation, three-dimensional interaction, network communication, and other technologies to construct and realize the simulation and 3D interaction of drilling scenes, equipment and facilities, personnel conditions, environmental conditions, accident occurrence, and development process and personnel emergency response process. The system can realize the emergency response simulation exercise of typical drilling accident disasters and complete single-person drills and multi-person joint drills for emergency response. And the simulator platform is able to conduct drill evaluations on trainees’ emergency handling operations, emergency handling, task completion, and related knowledge points and point out problems and deficiencies in the process of drills. Therefore, the platform can be used for drilling workers’ emergency response and rescue teaching training.

Virtual Reality (VR)

About the teacher terminal of the virtual simulation platform for emergency drills

The teacher terminal of this virtual simulation platform for drilling emergency drills in oil and gas fields can provide management and editing of student information, emergency plans, and drill programs. The drill content can be adjusted according to the needs, and the one-click plan modification and drill process generation can be completed.

And after the drill, according to the students’ drill process, it can provide individual and team drill results, and then it can inquire about the reasons for the deduction of points.

The platform system can edit the drill program, support the selection of individual and team drill modes, set drill accident parameters, and generate drill process and evaluation criteria according to the parameter settings. It supports multi-point teaching, and the management of computers participating in the exercise can be realized through the teacher’s terminal.

About the student side of the emergency exercise simulation platform system

On the student side of the system, 3D simulation technology can realize emergency response and rescue training for drilling workers when they face dangerous accidents on site. Provides two exercise modes: individual exercise and team collaboration, which can be used to practice and assess the drilling process. The three-dimensional scene is realistic, the equipment is highly operable, and the environmental sound effects are added to make the simulation process close to reality. The training content is to realize emergency process simulation, risk identification, emergency response, rescue, and escape training according to the industry plan.

The system provides a rich knowledge base for trainers to learn and view relevant knowledge in practice mode and supports multi-person collaborative drills. And it provides training for personnel in various roles on the drilling site.

Advanced Technology in the emergency exercise simulation platform System

The system supports the execution of role AI and can automatically cooperate with trainees to complete the exercise project. It has a good user interaction experience. The equipment can be operated through an interactive interface, and the details are rich.

It has a multi-role information broadcast system, broadcasts the drill process in real-time, and judges whether the emergency response process is correct or not.

The simulation system uses CFD technology to realize model calculations such as gas diffusion and flame combustion and to deduce the accident process with real effects.

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Why choose Esimtech?

Chengdu Esimtech Petroleum Equipment Simulation Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the strong scientific research strength of the Key Laboratory of Petroleum Engineering Computer Simulation Technology of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education. Our company is a high-tech enterprise committed to developing simulation and simulation systems for petroleum engineering and petroleum equipment and achieved a series of application results with completely independent intellectual property rights.

At present, we have obtained a number of domestic and international patents and has become a member of IADC and IWCF.

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