What is the Oil and Gas Production Simulator? And What is Its Role?

What is Oil and Gas Production?

Oil and gas production refers to the extraction of natural gas and oil from oil and gas reservoirs to the surface, and the collection, transportation, processing, on-site storage, mining area management and other activities in the mining area.

What is the Production Process of Natural Gas and Oil?

1. Detect the amount of organic matter in the source bed.

It is mainly to measure the residual organic carbon content in order to determine whether there are source beds and how many source beds in a region. And then we need to divide them into good, medium and poor source beds according to certain standards, and then classify and evaluate the source beds.

2. Determine the quality of organic matter in source bed.

According to biological sources, kerogen of oil generating mother material can be divided into three categories.

The first type is sapropel type organic matter. The biological source is mainly the plankton in the water. It is type I kerogen, which is the best organic matter.

The second type is humic organic matter. The biological source is mainly higher plants. It is type III kerogen, which belongs to poor quality organic matter.

The third type is the mixed organic matter between the two, which is type II kerogen and is of good quality.

Based on the analysis results of samples, the laboratory determines the type of organic matter in a region according to certain standards, and evaluates the quality of organic matter.

3. Determine whether the organic matter has generated oil and gas.

It is very important to study the maturity of organic matter. By analyzing the data, it can reflect the temperature process of organic matter

experienced underground. According to these data, the maturity is divided into four stages: immature, peak oil generation, wet gas and dry gas.

Evaluating the maturity stage of organic matter can tell people whether it is conducive to oil or gas exploration in a certain area.

4. Study which source bed the oil or gas comes from.

After finding oil and gas, we use biomarkers to compare oil and gas with source rocks. Explore the relationship between source rock and oil and gas, and study which source rock the generated oil and gas come from.

The more source beds that provide oil sources, the richer the oil sources will be, which is more beneficial to the formation of oil and gas fields.

5. Estimation of resources.

According to relevant parameters, we can estimate the volume of the generated oil and gas, which can provide basis for us to plan and continue to expand exploration results.

Oil and Gas Production Simulator

Esimtech has developed and produced oil production simulator and gas production simulator for relevant training schools or staff in the industry to learn.

Oil Production Simulator Produced by Esimtech

oil production simulator

The oil production simulator is based on advanced technologies such as virtual reality technology, 3D projection, field bus communication and distributed control. It can show all links of the station process in the field of oil production engineering and their connections, so as to achieve various skills training and target assessment for oil production workers and water injection workers.

  • The system can display the profile of a single equipment, preset faults in the training process, and adopt strict mathematical models, which meet the real process requirements.
  • The system can automatically judge and score the trainees’ operation, and print the final score. The assessment is fair and just through full intelligent scoring.
  • The system can effectively make up for the shortcomings of the existing training system, which not only has low operation cost and maintenance cost, but also can prevent students from damaging the training equipment due to misoperation.
  • Combining the system with the existing training system can help students complete a good transition from theoretical learning to actual equipment operation, so as to consolidate theoretical knowledge, standardize operation and improve training efficiency.

Gas Production Simulator Produced by Esimtech

gas production simulator

The gas production simulator integrates computer technology, virtual reality technology, petroleum engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, and can be used for the training of junior workers, intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians, and senior technicians.

  • Students can understand the internal structure and principle of various gas production equipment, and be familiar with typical stations and processes in this block.
  • The large screen can display the working condition of the equipment, make the whole process clear and easy to understand, reduce the training time of students, and let students have a deeper understanding.
  • The gas production simulator adopts real three-dimensional, interactive animation, strict mathematical model, realistic environmental sound effect and real-time voice prompt, and the system runs stably and meets the requirements of real process.

If you are interested in the oil and gas production simulator produced by Esimtech or other simulators in the oil and gas industry, please contact us. Excellent engineers will answer your questions at any time.