Why Select Simulating Training System For Downhole Operation

Because of the characteristics of underground operations, it is extremely difficult for teachers to explain and students to understand the relevant technology and process during the training process. As a result, Esimtech has developed a virtual simulation training system for downhole operations.

downhole operation simulator

Workover Simulating Training System For Downhole Operation

The workover simulating training system simulates real field devices, so the layout of the controlling panel, method of operation, and method of parameter display are nearly identical to the operation site. The systems produce visual effects that are very similar to real sites and create an immersive training environment using synchronous 3D projection and lifelike environment sound.

The system is based on advanced computer controlling, simulating, graphic, and network technology, which is combined with a strict simulation of the real drilling engineering process, providing 6 categories and 35 training exercises in total, such as well killing, shutting in, and so on. It is primarily used to train technical personnel working underground in oil fields.

A portable workover simulation training system is a hybrid of petroleum engineering and computer technology, including virtualization and computer simulation.

workover simulation training system

It is primarily used to train new employees, drillers/assistants, drilling technicians, and driller supervisors. This system’s training can help trainees master the fundamentals of shutting in and well killing.

The system employs a mathematical model to simulate various parameters such as pressure, torque, drilling rate, flow rate, and so on, as well as to reflect the relationships between these parameters in order to achieve the same effect as the actual drilling operation. Real-time 3D animation creates an immersive environment for the trainees.

Training Items

(1) Primary worker activity

Tubing pulling and running

Sand cleaning

Lead printing

(2) Operation of intermediate workers

Reshaping with eccentric rollers

Fishing with a spear release

Using a slider spear to fish

determining the stuck point

(3) The operation of senior workers

Perforation of TCP

(4)Scraping following perforation
With drilling platform

The rotary operation experiences shut-in after kick.

Running and pulling operations experience shut-in after a kick.

Shut-in after kick occurs during the tripping of large diameter tools.

In the barren hole, there is a shut-in after a kick.

In wireline perforation operations, shut-in after kick occurs.

Without drilling platform

The rotary operation experiences shut-in after kick.

Running and pulling operations experience shut-in after a kick.

Shut-in after kick occurs during the tripping of large diameter tools.

Shut-in occurs after a kick in a barren hole.

In wireline perforation operations, shut-in after kick occurs.

(5) Display of animation

Install standpipe BOP after disassembling Christmas tree

Cleaning the well

Killing in reverse circulation wells

Reduced gauge pressure testing

Control of fracturing sand

TCP-DST screw drill combination test

Operation of toxic and harmful gases demonstrated

Fracturing And Acidizing Simulation Training System For Downhole Operation
Fracturing and acidizing simulation training platform that is strictly based on devices in production fields. It also includes Fieldbus communication, distributed control, and virtual reality technologies. The system is made up of three parts: hardware, software, and a graphics system.

The hardware is based on a fracturing truck and blending truck operation panel; the software is based on fracturing design and process technology; and the graphics system displays the real process in 3D models. An evaluation software that allows students to operate independently while the system automatically assigns a score. Instructors can also observe how students operate. This software aids in determining the rate of progress of students.

Fracturing and Acidizing Simulator

The system is highly intelligent, with dependable software, stable operation, and a realistic graphic interface that is simple to use and learn. The system allows students to gain direct knowledge of the real process and master the necessary skills.

Training Items

1. Preparation prior to fracturing

Configuration of Fracturing Devices

Connection of Fracturing Devices

Column assembly fracture

2. Post-fracturing operation

Exploration of sand

Rising Fracturing Column

Putting into action

3. Construction operation fragmentation


Putting pressure to the test

Packing for testing


Including sand

Packing replacement

Pressure reduction and dispersal

Column repositioning

4. Construction acidizing operation

Acid replacement

Packer of goods

Squeeze the acid


The shutting-in response

Anti-acid handling

5. Pre-fracturing operation

sand surface exploration, sand flushing

The original well column is rising.

Killing and replacement

Pretreatment of the fracturing layer

Column Fracturing Descending

6. Construction Process Fracturing

The fracturing process of slip-column stratification

Pitching stratification fracturing technique

The fracturing process of positioning balance

Put an end to the TSO fracturing process.

Process of current-limiting fracturing
7. Accident treatment for fractures

unable to open

Pressure channeling

Advantages Of Simulation Training System For Downhole Operation

1.Specific and comprehensive training content, adaptable project design

2.Interactive 3D animation in real time

3.Intelligent scoring and fair and equitable evaluation

4.Realistic environment sound and alarm

5.Excellent software functions, user-friendly interface, and ease of learning and use

6.Voice prompts in real time

7.Industrial-grade PLC control, excellent stability and dependability

8.Strict mathematical simulation in response to real-world technical requirements