3 Kinds of Oil and Gas Emergency Exercise Simulation Training Platform

In the exploration and development of onshore oil and natural gas, there are flammable and explosive substances such as crude oil, natural gas, and hydrogen sulfide in construction operations such as oil and gas well exploration and development. Risks of well control, fire, explosion, hydrogen sulfide poisoning, etc. may occur.

Possible safety accidents in drilling work:

1. Risk of blowout accident

Blowout is a phenomenon in which the pressure of formation fluid (oil, natural gas, water, etc.) is greater than the pressure in the wellbore during the drilling process, and it floods into the wellbore in large quantities, thereby ejecting from the wellhead uncontrollably.

In a blowout accident, huge casualties and property losses may be caused due to the huge pressure and shock wave during the eruption.

The reasons for the blowout are that the pressure of the formation being drilled is unclear or inaccurate, the density of the drilling fluid used is not sufficient to balance the pressure of the formation, and the surface control system fails. The result is an influx of formation fluids into the wellbore.

2. Risk of fire and explosion

The oil and gas industry is a special industry with high temperature and high pressure, toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive. In the oil and gas exploration and construction site, there are flammable and explosive materials, which can cause fire and explosion when they meet the ignition source after leakage. Especially, hot work in the dangerous area of the site is more likely to cause fire and explosion.

3. Risk of hydrogen sulfide poisoning

During the drilling process, there may be a big difference between the drilling stratum and the geological design, which is easy to cause emergencies. In particular, construction in areas containing hydrogen sulfide may lead to hydrogen sulfide poisoning accidents, and the geomorphic conditions around the well site are not conducive to the rapid diffusion of hydrogen sulfide. Once there is hydrogen sulfide leakage, it will aggravate the expansion of poisoning accidents and cause serious consequences.

3 Kinds of Oil Emergency Exercise Simulation Training Platforms Produced by Esimtech

Emergency Exercise (VR)

Emergency Exercise (VR)

The emergency exercise (VR) is developed based on the emergency drill software platform. The purpose is to train and test drilling emergency drills.

Trainees can have realistic VR interactions and an immersive experience. Through the super simulation system and human-computer interaction, students can get real feedback on the environment during the operation process. Through the training and testing of this system, the trainees can cultivate their own psychological quality and complete the training in emergency response drills and emergency escape.

Drilling Emergency Practice Training Platform

Drilling Emergency Practice Training Platform

The drilling emergency training platform can make the trainees feel the real situation as much as possible, and make the trainees deeply impressed with the emergency situation handling process in the oil industry. In this way, when students encounter real blowouts, explosions, and hydrogen sulfide leakage accidents, it will help them to calmly take correct emergency measures.

The training items of the training system include the above-mentioned emergency treatment and escape training when blowout is out of control, emergency treatment and escape training in case of fire and explosion, and emergency treatment and escape training in case of hydrogen sulfide leakage and poisoning.

Drilling Emergency Exercise Simulation Training System

Drilling Emergency Exercise Simulation Training System

The drilling emergency exercise simulation training system can realize emergency treatment and training for typical drilling accidents. The R&D and manufacturing of the simulation training system combine technologies such as 3D simulation, 3D interaction, and network communication. Through 3D technology, the system can simulate the drilling site environment, drilling equipment and facilities, and operators, and show the actual occurrence and progress of accidents. It allows students to perform 3D interactive operations in it to achieve the purpose of training.

The training system not only enables trainees to receive drilling accident training but also evaluates trainees’ completion of training and displays problems and errors in trainees’ operations.

These simulation training systems developed by Esimtech can enable relevant operators or learners to receive training on blowouts, explosions, hydrogen sulfide leakage, and other accidents during drilling, and enhance safety awareness and emergency response, handling, and escape capabilities.

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