2 Kinds of Drilling and Well Control Simulators

This article will introduce two drilling and well control simulation training systems developed and manufactured by Esimtech: the portable drilling well control simulation training system and the cyber chair drilling simulator.

The Importance of Well Control in Oil Drilling

Well kick pressure control in the process of oil and natural gas exploration and production, that is, the well control link. Oil drilling well control is an essential link in the process of oil and natural gas exploration and development and is the premise and guarantee for the safe production of oil and natural gas. Every effort must be made to ensure the smooth progress of construction and the safety of personnel on-site. Therefore, we must control the oil drilling well control link. From online and offline, both theory and practice need to be learned and mastered in all aspects.

Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Oil Drilling Well Control

Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional virtual world. It can provide users with visual, auditory, tactile, and other sensory simulations so that users can observe things in the three-dimensional space in a timely and unrestricted manner as if they are in the scene.

Today’s virtual reality technology has been widely used in energy, medicine, entertainment, interior design, real estate development, games, geography, education, maintenance, training, industrial simulation, emergency deduction, military, aerospace, and other fields.

We also conduct research and development using virtual reality technology in the oil industry. After careful research and development and repeated testing, we have developed and manufactured drilling well control simulation training systems such as portable drilling well control simulation training systems and full-scale drilling simulation training systems.

With the continuous development of the petroleum industry and oil and gas development, the situation of various oil wells and oil fields is more complicated, and the risks faced by the construction site are also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary for relevant staff to cultivate their correct safety awareness and consolidate well control skills.

The drilling and well control virtual simulation system is widely used in the experiment, training, and assessment of drilling technicians. Compared with the virtual system, traditional on-site training has some venue and visual angle limitations. The training effect is not intuitive, and there is a risk of technical operation errors. However, suppose the drilling and well control virtual simulation system is used for training and training. In that case, the training standards will be more uniform, and mistakes in the virtual system will not cause actual losses. The drilling and well control virtual simulation system can comprehensively cover the knowledge theory of multiple types of work and various types of equipment.

Introduction of Drilling Well Control Simulator System

Drilling Simulation Training System

Full-scale drilling simulation training system

All hardware systems of the full-scale drilling simulation training system highly simulate real equipment on site. Various panel layouts, operation methods, parameter display methods, etc., in the simulation system, are consistent with the production site. The system can produce visual effects similar to the scene by projecting the three-dimensional graphics synchronized with the operating conditions onto the front screen. Combined with realistic sound effects of live equipment, it gives people an immersive sense of immersion and realism.

The system is based on advanced computer industrial control technology, artificial intelligence technology, scientific visualization technology, virtual reality technology, and advanced network technology, combined with strict simulation of the actual process of drilling engineering, using high-reliability classical physical and mathematical models based on real on-site well conditions and well history information provides users with various training operations such as tripping, drilling, well control, equipment fault detection, and handling of drilling accidents and complex situations.

The system highly simulates well conditions and equipment operations, improves the flexibility of trainers’ operations, and greatly improves the training efficiency and effectiveness of trainers.

The operation items involved in the training system include five modules: tripping module, drilling module, downhole accident handling module, well shut-in operation, and well-cementing operation.

Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation

Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation Training System

Features of Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation Training System:

The portable drilling well control simulation training system is easy to carry and has perfect functions.

The system is compliant with IADC and IWCF standards.

Various drilling parameters can be flexibly set, such as drilling tool structure, formation parameters, equipment parameters, etc., making training more flexible and targeted.

The software system adopts an unordered architecture, which can realistically simulate various operations of the drilling rig, making the system closer to reality.

Using virtual reality technology to construct a realistic perception environment, using three-dimensional animation synchronized with the operating conditions, combined with simulated on-site sound effects, gives people an immersive feeling.

The operation items involved in the training system include shut-in operations and well-killing operations.


Esimtech and universities have developed and provided a variety of drilling and well control simulation equipment based on VR virtual reality technology. If you want to know about it or want to know about the quotation, please feel free to contact us. We have professional technicians to answer and serve you.

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