5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Drilling Simulator

The drilling simulator adopts the concept of virtual manufacturing technology, and the development process is based on modern computer control technology, computer simulation technology, computer graphics technology, computer network technology, combined with the actual technology of drilling engineering, changing the original drilling training method.


Why is Drilling Simulator Being Needed?

The development of the oil industry is inseparable from the on-site geological conditions and is full of crises and challenges. There are high requirements for employees’ ability and safety awareness, and traditional on-site training has certain limitations. For example, whether the effect of vocational training is good mainly depends on the level of teachers. There is no clear and unified evaluation standard for the training process. reusability, etc.

It can be seen that the traditional training technology is not only limited by time and space but also has great problems in terms of manpower, resources, funds, organization, and implementation. Especially for advanced training in dangerous operations or without experimental conditions, traditional training methods are even more difficult to achieve. The limitations of the traditional training mode restrict the expected training quality and training efficiency, and cannot meet the needs of modern society, so the advantages of drilling simulators are highlighted. 

drilling simulator

It provides users with the operation process simulation of tripping, drilling, well control, drilling accidents, and complex situation handling, etc. It is mainly used for operation training and safety training of drilling drillers and drilling technicians, and training and assessment for trainees It provides a teacher scoring system, which solves the technical problems that cannot be solved objectively in the traditional training process. As a new type of training system developed for the specific conditions of oilfields, drilling simulators have positive significance.

And now you already know why you need to use a drilling simulator, while what are the exact advantages of it? Please read the following passage.

5 Advantages of Drilling Simulator

A drilling simulator is a control-centric VM device, mainly used for the training of drilling talents. This set of virtual training equipment uses virtual reality technology to realistically simulate the details of the drilling process. Through the operation of the simulated drilling rig equipment, the trainees can directly observe the activities on the drilling platform and the operation results, and finally, achieve the effect of allowing the trainers to master the correct operation process. Virtual training has the following characteristics:

  • Simulation

With the support of virtual reality technology, the virtual training facility has the same function and operation method as the real training facility, and the trainees can train their skills through the virtual training facility as easily as in the real training base. This is because the virtual training environment, whether it is a real environment or an imagined environment, is virtual but realistic. The ideal virtual environment should be such that it is difficult for the trainee to distinguish the real from the fake.

  • Openness

A virtual training environment can provide a variety of training venues for all trainees at any time and place. In fact, the connotation of a virtual training environment is extensive. It is different from the traditional training base concept. It has an environment similar to traditional training programs, but it is better at making the trainees immerse themselves in the realistic environment of the training program objects. Any virtual environment in which trainees can learn or train certain skills through the operation of relevant appliances is attributed to the virtual training environment.

  • Hypertemporality

The virtual training environment has the characteristics of time and space. It can display or organically combine the objects and events owned by the past world, the present world, the future world, the micro world, the macro world, the objective world, the subjective world fantasy world, etc. Provide training to students anytime, anywhere.

drilling simulator controller
  • Operability

By using specialized equipment, trainees can use natural human skills to manipulate objects in the virtual environment, just as they would in the real world.

  • Correspondence

The training content of the trainees corresponds closely to the virtual environment. For example, if the students want to learn aircraft driving skills, then the virtual environment is the simulated environment for the aircraft to fly. Correspondence will be able to set up various complex situations for the trainees, so as to improve the trainees’ adaptability so that they can handle various situations with ease in the actual environment. In addition, virtual reality technology can carry out personalized education and training according to the foundation and ability of each student.


Drilling simulators have positive implications for safe, effective, and high-quality training in oilfields. It can meet the ever-changing requirements of skill training in the information age and is an emerging flexible training model with high level, high efficiency, and low cost. As the graphic part of the drilling simulator, the drilling simulator visual simulation system truly displays the three-dimensional environment and operation process of the well site, which is of great significance to the entire virtual training process.

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