How Do Oil Wells Get Drilled?

Oil and gas drilling is highly specialized and risky work. This article will briefly introduce the oil and gas drilling process and steps, and the simulation training platforms or simulators required for training oil and gas drilling manufactured by Esimtech.

During oil drilling, which involves complex drilling machinery and technical procedures, a lot happens. The drilling process entails numerous dangers, including the potential for blowouts, making safety measures like blowout preventers necessary (BOPs).

The hole Has Been Drilled

Drilling a hole through the crust of the earth is the first step in oil drilling. It requires a drill string and a long bit. Keep in mind that the drill bit’s diameter ranges from 5 to 50 inches. A tiny diameter steel pipe is placed after drilling a hole, and the spaces around it are filled with cement.

Land Rig Installation Simulator

The Process of Drilling

  • Cementing and Testing

The drill pipe is taken out and the steel pipe is pushed to the bottom once the desired distance has been attained. This “well casing” is fixed in place using cement. Before any gas or oil production can start, the pipe must pass stringent tests to prove it is impermeable.

  • Completion

A perforating gun is normally lowered into the earth and shot into the rock layer in the deepest section of the well, making holes that connect the rock holding the oil and natural gas and the wellhead before drillers may tap the oil and natural gas.

  • Fracking

It’s time to release the oil and gas that have been imprisoned in the rock now that the well’s first stage is open. High-pressure fracking fluid is blasted through the perforating holes to produce paper-thin fissures in the shale rock, releasing the trapped oil and natural gas. Specialized equipment are used to continuously monitor pressure and data from the well.

To lubricate the revolving bit and clear the path of the broken rocks, the drill operators fill the hole during drilling with a variety of solids, liquids, and chemicals. As the drill bit goes further, new pipes must be added to the drill string. To prevent the pipe connections from separating in the well, it must be screwed.

Fracturing and Acidizing Simulator
  • Exceeding the Financial Limit

We say a well has reached its economic limit when the amount of oil and gas it can produce cannot sustain its ongoing operations. Because of this, it is necessary to halt the extraction by withdrawing the drill pipe and cementing the hole. By doing this, the hydrocarbon reservoirs are kept apart from the water.


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