Understand the Background of IADC and IWCF Now

This article will take you to understand IADC and IWCF respectively, and briefly introduce the qualifications of Esimtech.

What is IADC?

IADC refers to the International Association of Drilling Contractors, the full name of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. As an authoritative organization in the drilling industry, the certification of the IADC American Drilling Contractors Association has been widely recognized by various governments and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

IADC Certification

The Development History of IADC

IADC was established in 1940, its predecessor is the American Oil Well Drilling Contractors Association. The first president of the association was J E Brantly, owner of a drilling and exploration company. He not only founded the American Oil Well Drilling Contractors Association, but also wrote the rotary drilling technology manual, the history of the birth and growth of the drilling industry, and the history of oil well drilling.

Slim hole drilling was discussed at the 1941 annual meeting. Casing drilling was discussed at the 41st Annual Meeting. In 1989, IADC formed the Underbalanced Operations Committee, which was later renamed the underbalanced operations and managed pressure drilling committee.  Currently, IADC has best practices and standards for underbalanced drilling and managed pressure drilling in its development guidelines. In 2004, the American Petroleum Institute adopted the IADC underbalanced operations and managed pressure drilling committee Recommended Practice for Rotary Head Manufacturing as API SPEC 16RCD.

Since 1972, the global drilling market has grown at an unprecedented rate. U.S. land drilling contractors are also gradually participating in international drilling. Today, drilling operations cross borders. Chinese drilling contractors have entered South America and the Middle East, and German drilling contractors have also entered Asia, Europe, and Africa.

After the American Oil Well Drilling Contractors Association changed its name to IADC, IADC has always put safety first. The drilling industry still lacked a reliable training system to ensure the qualification of well control, and IADC took up the challenge and formed a special task force consisting of oil companies, contractors, instructors, simulator developers, and colleges and universities. The IADC well control qualification program was completed in 1995. In addition, in 2001, IADC also completed the rig inspection program for underbalanced drilling.

IADC Certification Process

1: Initial contact, negotiating topics, putting forward project proposals, and signing contracts;

2: Determine the project leading group, determine the project plan, and determine the joint working group;

3. Investigation and analysis, preliminary diagnosis, and submission of diagnostic report;

4: Submit the preliminary plan, discuss the preliminary plan, and submit the final report after Fangsuo adjusts;

5: personnel training, implementation support, and information feedback, new project suggestions;

6: certificate acquisition;

iwcf certification

What is IWCF?

IWCF refers to the International Well Control Forum, the full name of which is the International Well Control Forum. Headquartered in Scotland. The primary objective is to develop and manage well control training, evaluation, and certification programs for the exploration and production sectors of the oil and gas industry.

The History of IWCF

In 1982, Europe began to explore harmonized standards for well control training and qualification. A European Union Directorate committee representing national energy ministries, industry trade associations, and trade unions was established to develop common standards for European well control training and certification. In December 1992, the European Well Control Forum was established in The Hague, the Netherlands, as a non-profit organization.

With the globalization of the petroleum industry, the world’s demand for oil is increasing, and the requirements for well control training and qualification certification are also increasing. In 1994, the European Well Control Forum has been renamed the International Well Control Forum.

IWCF and IADC aim to provide the global oil industry with qualifications including IADC’s well control training and IWCF’s assessment and testing. Therefore, the acquisition of the IWCF qualification certificate is an international standard to measure the ability and level of oil drilling personnel. Both are the most recognized well control certifications in the world.

Remote Drilling Simulator Training System

Remote Drilling Simulator Training System

Esimtech has successfully developed a remote drilling simulator training system by deeply understanding the training needs of IADC and IWCF. The simulator system meets the certification standards of IADC and IWCF. The trainees enter the virtual classroom of drilling training through the browser, and then the trainer will lead the trainees to conduct simulated operation training. The simulator conducts drills through realistic virtual drilling scenarios, enabling trainees to learn and master drilling operation skills in realistic scenarios.

Established in 2009, Esimtech, after years of persistent research and development, has successively developed drilling, well control, logging, gas production, oil production, drilling rig installation, downhole operations, oil, and gas gathering and transportation, fracturing and acidizing, coiled tubing, and pressure operations. Petroleum engineering training simulation system. Esimtech’s product line covers the complete field of oil and gas industry application sites, and can basically meet any of your requirements. You can contact us for more information.

At present, Esimtech has obtained a number of domestic and international patents and has become a member of IADC and IWCF.

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