What is Oil and Gas Drilling? & Drilling Simulation Training System

After geological investigation and geophysical exploration, the most favorable drilling location for oil and gas accumulation is selected, and drilling technology is used to drill through the oil and gas layers. Oil and gas drilling is a drilling project aimed at testing geophysical prospecting data, understanding downhole oil and gas geological exploration data, calculating oil and gas reserves, and providing development prospects.

What are the drilling techniques for oil and gas wells?

1. Drilling: Break rock into debris, which is carried to the surface by drilling fluid.

2. Take cores: In the oil and gas layer and the layer change position, a small amount of cores should be taken in order to understand the oil and gas content and the physical properties and chemical compositions of the rocks.

3. Logging: Identify lithology and oil, gas and water layers by means of electricity, sound and radioactive detection.

4. Cementing and cementing: Run one or more layers of casing, pour cement between the outside of the casing and the well wall to make it consolidate, so as to strengthen the pressure bearing capacity of the wellbore. Create conditions for installing blowout preventer on the top of the casing, controlling blowout, and killing wells.

5. Mid-term test: When drilling oil and gas layers, immediately use the drill pipe tester to measure the original oil and gas production capacity and formation parameters before the oil and gas layers are polluted or damaged.

6. Perforation completion: the well completion method is to penetrate the casing, cement sheath, and part of the production layer with perforating bullets after running the casing into the solid production layer of the oil layer to form oil and gas flow channels.

7. Well testing and production: test formation pressure, formation temperature, and oil and gas production under different layers from bottom to top. Calculate the maximum production of oil and gas to determine the safe recoverable production. In order to calculate reserves and compare with each other, oil and gas fluid samples are also taken for experimental analysis at normal temperature and pressure or high temperature and high pressure.

What is the drilling simulation training system?

Drilling Simulation Training System

The hardware part of the drilling simulation training system is highly simulated on-site real equipment. Various panel layouts, operation methods, parameter display methods, etc., are consistent with the production site.

The system combines advanced computer industrial control technology, artificial intelligence technology, scientific visualization technology, virtual reality technology and advanced network technology, as well as strict simulation of the actual process of drilling engineering, and adopts high-reliability classic physical and mathematical models to provide users with the following Various training operations such as drilling, drilling, well control, equipment fault detection, and handling of drilling accidents and complicated situations.

The three-dimensional graphics synchronized with the operating conditions will be projected on the front screen to produce a visual effect similar to that of the scene, accompanied by realistic sound effects of the on-site equipment environment, giving people an immersive sense of immersion and realism.

BOP console
  • The advanced software system can create corresponding snapshots based on real on-site well conditions and history information, so as to conduct highly simulated on-site training operations for trainees.
  • The non-sequential driller operation mode breaks the fixed operation mode that the previous training exercises must be done step by step, so that the trainees can operate arbitrarily based on the snapshot.
  • The system realizes a high degree of simulation from well conditions to equipment operation, which greatly improves the operational flexibility of the trainees, and greatly improves the training efficiency and training effect of the trainees.

Esimtech’s drilling simulation training program includes:

Driller console

1. trip module

(1) Normal trip in operation

(2) Operation in case of resistance when trip in

(3) Normal trip out operation

(4) Operation in the event of stuck drilling

2. Drilling module

(1) Normal drilling and picking upstand (single)

(2) Normal drilling and drilling with bouncing bit

(3) Drilling in low-pressure formation

3. Downhole accident processing module

(1) Judging and treatment of wall sticking

(2) Judging and treatment of sand settling

(3) Judging and treatment of balling up

(4) Judging and treatment of hole collapse

(5) Judging and treatment of key seating

(6) Judging and treatment of hole shrinking

(7) Well immersion (gas immersion, brine immersion)

(8) Fishing tap

(9) Junk milling

4. Shut-in operation

(1) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs while drilling

(2) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs while tripping in and out

(3) Stripping after shutting in when overflow occurs while tripping out

(4) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs while tripping in and out collar

(5) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs in barren hole

5. Cementing operation

(1) Running casing

(2) Drilling out plug

(3) Cementing

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