The Importance of Drilling and Well Control Safety

During the drilling process, there will be difficulties with high formation pressure coefficient, shallow gas layers, high-pressure layers, and some formations containing hydrogen sulfide, which makes the drilling work dangerous. In order to ensure the smooth progress of drilling work, it is very important to do well control safety work. Well control safety technology directly affects the development of oilfield companies. If the well control safety technology cannot be guaranteed, it will seriously affect the safety of life and property.

Application of well control safety technology in drilling

In drilling work, due to the influence of exploration well depth, long period, complex formation, high formation pressure, and high hydrogen sulfide content, well control safety technology may encounter many difficulties in the drilling process.

First, when drilling in high-sulfur areas, the combination of hydrogen sulfide and well control issues presents a significant safety risk in well control technology. This particular operating environment brings difficulties to materials or tools such as wellhead equipment, casing, and tubing when conducting exploration operations in high-sulfur areas. In the event of a blowout or leakage, it is very easy to cause serious poisoning of hydrogen sulfide.

Second, there is the difficulty of degassing in well control safety technology. When drilling ultra-high pressure oil and gas wells, it is generally necessary to increase the drilling concentration to balance the formation pressure so that the drilling fluid system can develop stably. Degassing in high density and high viscosity drilling fluids is difficult.

Third, the pressure bearing capacity of drilling equipment is limited.

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Ways to strengthen well control safety technology

Strictly standardize the design of well control safety technology

Drilling and well control safety technology should be designed in strict accordance with the standards so that the drilling and well control safety technology develops in the direction of standardization and management. In installing equipment, we must adhere to the principles of high standards and strict requirements to eliminate potential safety hazards in the installation of equipment, which is in line with the design of drilling and well control safety technology.

Improve the professional quality of well control personnel

In drilling work, well control safety work is the most basic work. Because employees’ well control safety knowledge is essential, educating and training employees’ safety well control knowledge is a major event in well control work. The company should formulate a practical training plan so as to improve the safety awareness of well control personnel. It is necessary to strengthen emergency drills, and through actual combat drills, employees’ awareness of drilling and well control can be greatly improved.

To strengthen the special inspection of drilling and well control

In daily life, to constantly check the drilling equipment, it is also necessary to carry out special inspections of the drilling and well control equipment. For problems found in the inspection, the company shall arrange technical personnel to deal with the problems in a timely manner.

Improve and perfect well control safety technology

  • Improve the dynamic control capability of well control equipment

In order to ensure the safety of well control technology, firstly, it is necessary to continuously improve the structure of the choke valve, improve the strength, precise control ability, and anti-erosion ability of the choke valve so that the choke pressure can be easily adjusted, thereby improving the downstream of the choke valve’s impact resistance. Second, to develop a new multi-stage throttling system.

  • Carry out research on well control technology to solve hidden dangers in well control equipment
  • Carry out sulfur prevention work and do an excellent job in the protection of hydrogen sulfide

In view of the sulfur content in different regions, each inspection area shall take corresponding measures in terms of sulfur-resistant equipment and technology to ensure the safety of well control technology.

When conducting exploration in high-sulfur areas, artificial ignition should be avoided, and an all-weather remote control ignition device should be installed. In areas with high sulfur content, formulate standards for hydrogen sulfide protection and monitoring equipment.

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In the drilling and well control safety work, we can use the drilling and well control simulator to conduct simulation training among the staff in advance to strengthen the safety control. We offer portable drilling well control simulation, cyberchair drilling simulator, top drive simulator, drilling simulation training system, land rig installation simulator, etc. It can highly simulate the real on-site equipment, panel layouts, operation methods, etc. It can produce visual effects similar to the scene, coupled with realistic sound effects of live equipment, giving people a sense of immersion and realism. Various simulation systems can provide various training operations such as drilling, well control, equipment fault detection, and handling of drilling accidents and complex situations.

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